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Roman Burda

Photographer Roman Burda was born in 1966, he lives in Bocanovice in Třinec. Black & white photographs and images subsequent processes. Shooting began systematically to pay first visit to Africa in 2001. The Ethiopian landscape and local customs fascinated him so much that since then the area around the river Omo still returns. Today he has friends among the natives, for which he sleeps, experiencing a family event with them, helping them deal with administrative matters and carry them gifts that they request. They can then document the disappearing of Africa, ceremonies and celebrations that are often already officially banned for its hazards. Many natives therefore not even leave the tribe, because if someone discovered a policeman ritual scars, I would question apparently never came out of prison. People from Omo River's old laws had maintained despite the prohibitions of modern civilization. Our world is as distant to them as we do theirs. During the eight years when photos emerged, these tribes thoroughly known. Thanks to obtain a photograph of artistic and human interference and detailed mapping of life of local residents pushing for a more general statement. His work is better known abroad than at home.

Among others, exhibited in Houston (USA) in 2012, BruseIu (B) in the same year, at the Old Town Hall in Prague in 2013 or in Lviv (UA) last year.



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